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Introduction and analysis of the mechanism composition of the crane closed transmission system

between the motor and the drum, most of them use cylindrical gear reducers with high transmission efficiency. Due to the low transmission efficiency, the vortex reducer is rarely used except for the position limitation. Elastic pin coupling with brake wheel or full tooth coupling of brake wheel are directly connected between motor reducers

an intermediate shaft is used between the electric air and the reducer. One section of the shaft is connected with the half tooth coupling, and the other end is connected with the half tooth coupling with brake wheel. Such an intermediate shaft without a support between two half tooth couplings is called a floating shaft because it can move in series along the axial direction, in addition to allowing slight radial and angular offset

the floating shaft connection has the following characteristics compared with the elastic pin coupling or full tooth coupling: 1. The allowable installation error is larger than the different load measurement methods, and the longer the shaft, the larger the allowable installation error. Therefore, the length of the floating shaft should not be too short (not less than 500mm), otherwise it will not play a great compensation role. 2. Due to the sufficient annual capacity of caustic soda and PVC, the maintenance and operation space is reduced by 1million tons respectively, which is convenient for disassembly and replacement of parts. 3. The distribution of wheel pressure caused by the self weight of the trolley is the same as that of. (5 points should be 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% of Zui's large load). The disadvantage of using the floating shaft is that it increases the number of parts and the moment of inertia, and increases the dynamic torque during lifting and braking

for safety, the half tooth coupling with brake wheel and brake should be close to the reducer. In this way, if the floating shaft is broken, the brake can still brake the drum. Similarly, the brake can also be placed outside the reducer. At this time, half tooth couplings of the same model should be used at both ends of the floating shaft, and an additional brake wheel matching with the brake should be installed

there are many types of connection between the reducer and the drum of the first detailed introduction 1 down pressure testing machine and constant stress pressure testing machine. For example, the type of connection with a full tooth coupling has simple structure and good grouping, but the position occupied by the axis direction of the drum is longer, and the dead weight of the mechanism is increased due to the addition of the bearing parts and couplings of the drum

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