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Weave fairy tales with the most environmentally friendly paper and ink -- Interview with children's book printing market

the international children's Day is coming, and the dazzling range of children's books in the bookstore dazzles young readers. At present, children's books on the market, from illustration production to text typesetting, from cover binding to packaging design, from material selection to printing technology, can be seen everywhere the intentions of publishers and printers, which naturally attracts the attention of many small readers. What are the current trends in the publication and printing of children's books? China publishing daily interviewed people from publishing and printing circles

it is a trend to use environmental friendly ink

because children like to chew on things, publishers and printing houses often choose environmental friendly materials to print children's books. Environmental protection printing has also become the general trend of the development of the whole printing industry. At present, some domestic printing enterprises have passed the ISO14001 international environmental management system. 6. Effective stretching distance: 0 ~ 700mm certification. The core of the system is cleaner production, which requires the selection of low toxicity or non-toxic, low pollution or non pollution materials in the printing process, as well as the creation of a clean and comfortable production environment

Qiu Li from the Publishing Department of Jiangsu children's publishing house told that the society is currently trying to print children's books with light paper. In addition to the advantages of low price and comfortable feel, light paper is more environmentally friendly. Qiu Li's analysis: coated paper is coated with chemical paint on ordinary paper, but light paper is basically made of wood pulp, so it is more environmentally friendly

environmental friendly ink is also widely used in children's book printing. Qiu Li told: we pay special attention to environmental protection. We generally require manufacturers to use environmentally friendly soybean ink. In addition, many printing plants should pass the ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and they also require the use of environmentally friendly ink. Our agency belongs to Phoenix publishing group. The price given by the group to the printing factory is relatively reasonable, and the manufacturer has a certain profit space, so the ink is environmentally friendly. She gave an example: once a printing factory used a new type of environmentally friendly ink to print our products, but this kind of ink smelled uncomfortable. Later, we asked the printing factory to change another kind of environmentally friendly ink

Shenzhen fuweizhi printing company often undertakes overseas orders for children's books. Wang Qingming, the business manager of the company, told second in the: our company's export orders should try to use environmental friendly soybean ink, because exports should meet European and American standards. When we choose paper, we should also check whether its harmful substances exceed the standard

light paper is the first choice for children's books

what paper is mainly used for printing children's books with exquisite packaging and bright colors? Xie Zhilei, the vice president in charge of printing of Jieli publishing house, told in that domestic children's books are mainly printed on offset paper, coated paper and light paper

publishing houses are also constantly trying to use new paper. Xie Zhilei told us that a Japanese paper company showed us a new type of double offset paper two days ago. The printing effect of this paper is between offset paper and coated paper. Its surface smoothness is better than offset paper, and its brightness is slightly worse than coated paper. It is more suitable for printing color painting books. Its color is yellow and white, and its whiteness is about 86%. It is not as dazzling as blue and white, which is conducive to protecting children's vision. Its weight is lighter than coated paper, which is conducive to children's reading. And the price is not much different from that of coated paper. We are ready to do experiments. If we can achieve the desired effect, we will consider using it

because of its light weight and low price, light paper has become a new choice for children's book printing paper. Qiu Li, from the Publishing Department of Jiangsu children's publishing house, told the society that the principle of paper selection is generally to use coated paper for hardcover books and double offset paper for paperback books. At present, we also try to print color children's books with light paper. Although the color printed on light paper may be darker than that printed on coated paper, it feels comfortable and light, which is more suitable for children to read. In addition, the price of light paper is lower than that of coated paper and double offset paper, so the cost pressure of publishing houses will be smaller

there are also some children's books, whose materials have broken through the traditional paper products, and toy books and bath books made of plastic and cloth have also begun to appear

packaging design attaches importance to the first vision

with the improvement of the printing level of books, children's books have broken through the traditional printing methods of paperback and hardcover. Many processes originally used for packaging and printing and silk printing have been applied to the cover of children's books. Internationally popular children's books in large format have also become popular, and children's books with CDs and toys are not uncommon

children's books pay attention to the first vision and attract children's attention at the first sight, so many children's books use UV, convex, colorful crystal, anodized aluminum of various colors, die-cutting and other processes for cover design. Qiu Li from the Publishing Department of Jiangsu children's Publishing House said in an interview: according to the feedback from our marketing department and our survey in major stores, readers have higher requirements for the design of children's book covers, so our cover design is more than the original requirements, and there is little change in the design of the text. For example, Jiangsu children's Publishing House has made a series of books called "little broken children", in which three-dimensional cards were embedded when covering film

Xiezhilei, the vice president in charge of printing of Jieli publishing house, told: we will launch several sets of classic children's books on International Children's Day this year, which use some printing techniques that are less used in China. For example, we imported rainbow fish from Japan. After finding illegal actions, we used laser silver to hot stamp the design of fish scales, making the fish scales look lifelike. Another example is our main Ma Xiaotiao series, which uses UV, convex and other three-dimensional processes

children's books also have more choices in format design. Xie Zhilei, vice president of Jieli publishing house, said that the traditional children's books of Jieli publishing house generally use small format design, while many imported picture books use internationally popular 16 format books

in the packaging design of children's books, in addition to designing hardcover and internationally popular folios, some children's books have made a big fuss on packaging and promotion. Qiu Li from Jiangsu children's Publishing House said: in the past, a series of books were mostly one by one. Now, a series of books are made into a box, which is convenient for readers to keep, and readers can make gifts for others. For example, a set of children's books called "I'm great" made by our society has made a simple and beautiful packaging box

children's books with CDs and toys have also become a new direction of children's book packaging. Qiu Li said: some children's books are equipped with CDs, so that both static books and dynamic CDS can be read. However, some bookstores don't agree with children's books with small gifts, because some publishing houses have tried this, but because some Chinese people's quality is not high, many small gifts have been taken away by readers, and there are also reasons for inconvenient transportation. Previously, our club also tried to match a doll with a set of doll series, but the bookstore did not agree

card books are popular in the international market

at the Hong Kong International Printing and packaging exhibition in May 2008, I saw some printing enterprises display three-dimensional children's books with exquisite printing and different shapes on their stands. Some books are made into the shapes of various fruits, which are not only lifelike in shape, but also have the aroma of fruit. Some books are made into the shapes of various small animals. If you press a part of a small animal with your hand, it will also make animal calls

Wang Qingming, the business manager of Shenzhen fuweizhi printing company, introduced that this three-dimensional children's book is a kind of card book. Generally, books use paper less than 200g/m2, and the appearance is mainly rectangular and square. The appearance of the card book can be round and changeable, making the book lively and interesting. The production process is to use 300 ~ 400g/m2 white cardboard for four-color printing, and the surface has been treated with glue, UV, mounting, etc. after the book is finished, it is firm and easy to turn, tear and fold resistant, especially suitable for preschool children. He said that card books can be divided into ordinary card books, special-shaped card books and three-dimensional card books when hitting high tonnage. The corners of ordinary card books are cut into rounded corners to avoid scratching children's hands; Special shaped card book is a book whose finished product is three-dimensional; A three-dimensional card book is a book whose inner page is printed on coated paper and opened to form a body. The production cost and profit of card books are higher than ordinary children's books, and manual processes are required

it is understood that many printing enterprises in the Pearl River Delta have undertaken overseas orders for making children's card books, such as Zhonghua business and Hongxing printing. In recent years, some domestic publishing houses have also begun to make imported children's card books

Qiu Li, from Jiangsu children's publishing house, said: in China, card books are generally called picture books, with a small number of pages, usually oneortwo printed sheets, and the cost is high, and the sales market is oriented. Therefore, the industry calls them white-collar books for children. The children's books of the society are mainly popular products, but in recent years, they have also begun to try to make imported picture books. We have made a batch of 7 picture books of this imported edition, with thousands of prints, which cannot be printed in tens of thousands like ordinary children's books. The price of our ordinary children's books is generally less than 10 yuan per book, while the price of picture books is usually more than 20 yuan per book. For ordinary wage earners, if the price is a little higher, they will decide whether to buy it, while white-collar workers pursue quality and buy more

we have few picture books. In addition to the small sales caused by the high cost, another reason is that the processing capacity of printing enterprises in Jiangsu is not very good. Because the process of picture books is relatively complex, they should be printed in printing plants in Shenzhen and Dongguan. We also inquired about the price from Zhonghua business, which is still quite high

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