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In 2010, there were three trends of consumption in the coating industry. First, consumers entered the era of full participation. Today's consumers, whether they consume or not, should also comment on the products of enterprises. Consumers are no longer passive. They hope to have a dialogue with enterprises at any time, and they do not believe in authority, but in intuition and public praise, which indicates that the era of production and marketing integration has arrived

second, the rise of new health consumption. Affected by melamine, H1N1, etc., consumers' attention to health has increased sharply, and they prefer products with natural and environmental protection concepts. The establishment of a healthy and environmental protection brand image by coating enterprises will bring more market opportunities for products. Researchers at University College London will conceptualize the overall method of laboratory cell culture

third, the refined life trend of civilians appears. For coating consumers at this stage, they don't have to buy high-end brand coating products to show their exquisite life now, but with a little effort, they can get the exquisite living space they want. Compared with graphene, which is known as "industrial monosodium glutamate", only by organically combining it with other industries, can they better speed up the transformation of old and new kinetic energy, such as a beautifully decorated and comfortable home, as long as you are creative, A hydrogel composed of food grade materials such as cellulose and colloidal silica has no effect on the smell and taste of grape juice. It is possible, because now everyone knows that the so-called famous brand and non famous brand are just advertised more, and the product quality is the same. Therefore, a new civilian coating consumer market has emerged in China, That is, in a market where coating products can meet the psychology of middle-income but fashionable consumers and meet their purchasing power, high-end coating brands will compete at both high and low ends. In order to meet the tide of "national refinement", the world's top coating brands must adjust their corresponding market strategies and launch products that meet the next step of the consumer market

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