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On February 10, in order to show the achievements of the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the "innovation fund" project when the steel yield to a certain level and the enterprise's technological innovation ability, Dalian TV station Dalian Science and Technology Bureau jointly interviewed puchuan science and technology. Mr. Zhang Haijie, general manager of the company, was interviewed

"technological innovation fund for scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises" is a special government fund approved by the State Council in 1999 to cultivate and support scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises, support them to carry out technological innovation activities, and promote the transformation of high-tech achievements. In 2009, we will focus on supporting resource-saving and environment-friendly projects with significant energy conservation and consumption reduction effects, and focus on the key technologies and key innovative products of the country's ten key industries

"the innovation fund will effectively promote the smooth progress and rapid development of the company's projects, and greatly improve the company's overall maximum take-off weight of 72 tons, body strength and scientific and technological innovation ability." in the interview, general manager Zhang talked about the company's R & D strategy and the role of the innovation fund to the enterprise, He said that "in today's era of expanding domestic demand and developing a low-carbon economy, paying attention to power migration and energy efficiency is the strategic direction of enterprise development. The vehicle motor drive system, AC servo motor drive system and material performance motor environmental protection heating sheet developed by puchuan technology are the practical activities of energy conservation and emission reduction to develop a green economy." the innovation fund plays a role in providing timely help. "

the project of "motor drive system for pi7000hev electric vehicle" undertaken by the company was approved (code 09C), and the government gave free subsidies. "Motor drive system for electric vehicles" is the key technology of "energy-saving and new energy vehicles". The goal of this project is to establish an internationally advanced and domestically leading research and development platform for vehicle motors and controllers, develop a series of motor drive control products with highly integrated electromechanical integration and independent knowledge property rights, and have the ability to support the industrialization of energy-saving and new energy vehicles in China and enter the international market

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