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Interview with famous experts: Dalian machine tool

China's electromechanical products trading (referred to as electromechanical equipment) sharing electromechanical famous experts: Dalian machine tool China's electromechanical products trading (referred to as electromechanical equipment) sharing electromechanical famous experts: Dalian machine tool

Dalian machine Tool Group Co., Ltd., founded in 1948, is one of the eighteen Arhats in the national machine tool industry in the early days of the founding of the Republic of China. Since the reform and opening up, especially since the tenth five year plan, through the use of information technology to transform traditional industries, take a new road to industrialization, change the mode of development, carry out large-scale technological transformation and other means, enterprises have entered the track of rapid development. It has made rapid progress in enterprise scale, technical level, manufacturing capacity, marketing, cultural construction and other aspects, and its economy has achieved leapfrog growth. It has now become a large-scale modular machine tool, flexible manufacturing system and complete sets of automation technology and equipment, CNC machine tool R & D and manufacturing base, CNC functional component R & D and manufacturing base, and a pacesetter in China's machine tool industry

The main products of Dalian machine tool company include five series of CNC equipment with more than 500 varieties and specifications, including high-speed precision lathes, CNC lathes and turning milling centers, vertical and horizontal machining centers and gantry machining centers, modular machine tools and flexible automatic lines, CNC functional components, etc. Modular machine tools, automatic lines and flexible manufacturing system products rank first in the country in terms of production and sales, with a domestic market share of more than 30%, and the technical level is leading in China; Five axis vertical machining center products, MDH high-end horizontal machining center products, MDV high-end vertical machining center products have the international advanced level; HDR horizontal machining center products, VDL, VDF series vertical machining center products have the domestic advanced level; Ia series five axis linkage horizontal boring and milling machining center, BK series bridge gantry machining center and VX series gantry machining center have the domestic leading level. The products of CNC lathes, turning centers and turning milling centers are at the leading level in China

by 2013, Dalian machine tool leading products have won nearly 60 national, provincial and municipal scientific and technological progress awards; It has 216 valid patents, including 38 invention patents. It has 168 proprietary technologies, such as linear guide, mechanical slide, moment gauge guide, mechanical slide, cross slide, etc; DMTG。 Dmtg CNC lathes have been awarded Chinese famous brand products for 7 consecutive years; It has successively won the leading enterprise of over 10 billion yuan in Liaoning Province and Dalian, the commendation award of China Industrial award in China's machine tool industry, and the national; Advanced unit integrating industrialization and industrialization

cross border mergers and acquisitions, overseas research and development, joint ventures and cooperation, climb the ladder. Dalian Machine Tool Group Corporation is the first in the same industry in China to realize cross-border mergers and acquisitions. At present, Dalian Machine Tool Group has 24 wholly-owned, joint venture, holding and joint-stock subsidiaries; Among them, it cooperated with Germany's index company, the world's largest lathe manufacturer, and acquired the production system and crankshaft processing system company of Ingersoll company in the United States. Subsequently, it acquired and controlled Germany Zimmerman company, the world's leading milling and boring technology company. Eight joint ventures have been established with the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Israel, Switzerland and other countries and regions, among which Dalian Huakai Machine Tool Co., Ltd., established with okk company in Japan, produces vertical and horizontal machining centers with high performance, high rigidity, high reliability and high precision, which are widely used in military industry, aviation, aerospace and other fields, and supply exceeds demand in domestic and foreign markets. Dalian iberg company, a joint venture with Swiss iberg company, produces electric spindles and high-speed spindles; There is a great difference between the two instruments in joint venture with heinig company of the United States. Dalian heinig company was established to produce CNC machine tool protection and guide rail protection; Dalian Yitian Tools Co., Ltd. was established with Israel iska company to produce CNC machine tools; The company has established a special cutting tool company with Fuji Seiko of Japan in Guangzhou to provide large-scale manufacturing special cutting tools for the automobile industry to build an integrated marine Development Experimental Zone with bonded, processing and warehousing of imported equipment, raw materials, logistics support facilities, etc. that meet the needs of the development of the South China sea, so that the enterprise has entered the technological frontier of these product technology fields. By digesting and absorbing advanced technologies and processes, the technological innovation ability of enterprises has been greatly promoted. Today, Dalian Machine Tool Group has become a leader in China's machine tool industry and a well-known large company in the same industry in the world. Last year, it rose to No. 7 in the global machine tool industry

build an industry university research cooperation platform. In order to overcome the technical difficulties of CNC system, two years ago, Dalian machine tool group company and Huazhong University of science and technology established GAOJIN CNC Co., Ltd., which took the lead in making a breakthrough in the five axis linkage technology representing the highest level of CNC system in China. At present, the medium and low-grade digital control system of Dalian machine tool has been fully self-sufficient. They also cooperated with Aachen University in Germany to develop the flexible manufacturing unit HD500 high-speed machining center, and with Tsinghua University to jointly develop parallel machine tools, reflecting the latest trend of machine tool development today. In order to take the shortcut of combining production, learning and research, they jointly held graduate courses with Xi'an Jiaotong University, Dalian University of technology, Peking University and Tsinghua University. Through the combination of selection and self-study and participation in short-term and medium-term training, a group of middle-level and senior managers and young engineering technicians have re entered colleges and universities

At the same time, Dalian Machine Tool Group has also carried out extensive exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific research institutions and universities to overcome many high-tech difficulties. Through efforts, Dalian Machine Tool Group has formed a technological innovation system consisting of four research institutes and one pilot base, and its R & D and technological innovation capabilities are in a leading position in China. Now, Dalian machine tool is building a national CNC Machine Tool Engineering Research Center, a national high-level CNC machine tool industrialization base and a high starting point mass CNC functional component industrialization base

independent development and innovation. In order to rapidly enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, Dalian Machine Tool Group Corporation has learned from the experience and lessons of some enterprises in technology introduction and joint venture cooperation, and has determined the development strategy of focusing on me, using me, starting from a high point, directional cooperation, technology input and product output. Independent development, with the responsibility of providing refined, special and specialized equipment to key areas of the country; The goal is to provide large-scale, multi-functional, multi coordinate CNC machine tools to both domestic and foreign markets; The main products of the group company have four series: first, high-speed precision lathes, including high-speed precision lathes produced in cooperation with the British 600 group; Second, vertical machining center VD series, horizontal machining center HD series, five axis linkage machining center, gantry pentahedron machining center, three coordinate machining center unit; The third is full-function and popular CNC lathes and turning and milling centers, including: Turning Center dl20mh, nine axis five linkage turning and milling composite center CHD coating should be average 25, inverted vertical CNC lathe vlb35, full-function spherical CNC lathe dl-20s, CNC lathe dl-25, CK series CNC lathes. Fourth, the combination is 35, 50, 75, and the paddle hole from the bottom to the top φ Machine tools and automatic lines, flexible manufacturing systems, reconfigurable manufacturing systems and auxiliary equipment can be identified according to the numbers printed around the paddle

the above is a brief introduction of China's electromechanical products trading to Dalian machine tool. For more information about famous electromechanical enterprises, please pay attention to: electromechanical masters

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