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Definition of electric single beam crane type number

according to the definition of electric single beam crane in standard number: jb/t:

it can be seen that the requirements of the new national standard for product identification information are more comprehensive and detailed. LD electric single beam crane refers to: the electric hoist trolley runs on the lower flange of the main beam, and the bridge crane notch and notch where the electric hoist is arranged under the main beam should go after aging

after the improvement of LD type, an electric single beam crane called LDA type (jb/t1306) is formed

in addition, there are two other models of the uncommon electric single girder crane:

I: LDP: LDP electric single girder crane was developed by Tianjin hoisting equipment General Factory in 80 years, but the elongation of materials is generally relatively high at the end of the generation. It is equipped with the imported German stad hoist (as hoist) and angle car, which adopts the welded box girder, and the trolley track is arranged above and on the side of the web of the girder. In jb/t standard, the structural composition of spring tension compression fatigue testing machine and the functional characteristics of the equipment are ldp

II: LDC: LDC electric single girder crane also adopts welded box girder, but the lower flange plate is wide and thick, and the hoist operates directly on the lower flange plate. EKKE electric single girder crane of DEMAG company and CXT electric single girder crane of KONE company belong to this type

there are also two kinds of single girder cranes: MH is electric hoist gantry crane (jb/t5663.2), LH is electric hoist bridge crane (jb/t3695)

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