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At the crossroads of card machines

once upon a time, whether it was the crowded square in the city center to expand and strengthen advanced basic materials, or the open and quiet green mountains and forests in the suburbs, people could see light digital cameras in their hands or hung on their chest, which we used to call card machines. With the maturity of the production technology of digital cameras, the price of card machines is no longer as high as it used to be. Now consumers can buy a card machine at least for a few hundred yuan. However, with the rapid popularization of intelligence, the quality of camera heads mounted on intelligence has become higher and higher in recent years. Even if the price is getting lower and lower, the survival of card machines has also been greatly threatened

the iPhone 4S launched in October last year has an iSIGHT back facing camera with 8million pixels and a large aperture of f/2.4. At present, most Android smartphones with a price of about 1000 yuan can be equipped with a 5million pixel camera, while Android flagship cameras such as Sony's lt 26i camera can even reach 12million pixels. Nowadays, consumers are more willing to choose the combination of "SLR +" when taking photos, so as to meet the needs of different situations

therefore, the card machine is facing a severe test, and has come to the crossroads of survival. It has been pushed aside horizontally by more professional single electric and single reflex cameras, and has encountered strong resistance from intelligence vertically. How to find the right way out in the center of the confused intersection, so that the industry can still continue to develop, has become a problem that can not be ignored. Consumers no longer simply value how high the pixels of the card machine are. They prefer to have more fashionable and cooler functions. Now let's predict the possible development direction of card machine in the next stage

adding more social functions, Wi Fi functions and digital cameras can be said to be a major innovation in the entire industry, and it is also of great practical significance to connect directly from the camera to the social network. The card machine needs to integrate into the social network, a common and long-standing environment, in its own unique way. One of the characteristics of social networking is real-time and interactivity. If the card function realizes real-time interaction based on photos, it may make the card machine more popular. However, in the process of integrating social elements, we must avoid existing shaving and accumulation of impurities that are homogeneous with intelligence, so as to prevent the card machine from becoming a "four unlike"

add 3D function. Fuji 3dw1, launched in 2009, is the first 3D digital camera for consumers. At that time, due to the limited understanding of 3D by consumers and the insufficient support of 3D by hardware, the promotion of 3D digital camera is very limited. Today, unlike in the past, more and more TVs and computers begin to support 3D, and consumers are gradually familiar with this new function. Therefore, 3D is bound to be a necessary function in consumer products in the future. If the card machine can seize the market opportunity and reduce the 3D production cost, it will get the 3D shooting market faster than intelligent, but there are also some insufficient shares

the card machine with more unique design and cooler function is the same. Some people are not interested, but some are in short supply. Casio TR100 and tr150, which are fashionable and small in appearance, have numerous fans since they were launched, and are regarded as "selfie artifacts" by the majority of beautiful women who love selfies. The "alternative" in this card machine is different from others in appearance. Its body is designed with a 360 ° rotating frame of the lens axis and a 270 ° rotating touch screen. Consumers can easily touch and take selfies through the touch screen. Of course, it can be called "selfie artifact" not only because of its distinctive design, but also because of its built-in beauty function, which can make the people in selfies "more beautiful"

instagram's concept camera, which is popular on the Internet, has been highly praised by many friends, and most of them prefer this unique camera. Perhaps such high enthusiasm is affected by the popularity of instagram, but it is undeniable that consumers no longer like the traditional design of regularity. If products with novel and chic designs are launched in the market, there will be a rush to buy again

the card machine is now overwhelmed by intelligence. How to change this situation? Consumers certainly want to have an electronic product that makes them feel trendy, cool and different. Tracing back to the root cause of the shrinking card machine industry, it is nothing more than the absence of reform forces in the industry. Traditional manufacturers such as Sony and Canon only routinely release some new products with minor repairs every year in terms of card machines, with few new highlights and no changes. Perhaps those who can lead the card machine out of the confused crossroads will be the manufacturers who invest their energy and are ready to go

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