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Senior executives of the Russian Stock Exchange: China is interested in participating in the Russian ural crude oil futures trading

senior executives of the Russian stock exchange 1 Poor sensitivity of the index: China intends to participate in the Russian ural crude oil futures trading

May 24, 2016

[China paint information] according to Mikhail temnichenko, the first vice president of the St. Petersburg international commodity exchange, on Monday (May 23), Chinese enterprises will be interested in trading Russia's main export-grade ural mixed crude oil futures contracts

Russian President Vladimir Putin has long called for the creation of the Urals crude oil futures contract by cutting the sample diameter: 10mm (optional). Officials of the country are dissatisfied that the price of Urals crude oil is lower than that of Brent crude oil

however, temnichenko said, "it is too early to say that Chinese enterprises have sought or planned to participate in the trading of export-grade crude oil futures contracts. So far, we can only say that they have such interest."

last month, Russian energy minister Novak called for the trading of Urals crude oil futures in 2016. At present, the price of Urals crude oil in the physical market is lower than the target Brent crude oil

Temnichenko pointed out that the exchange planned to launch the Urals crude oil futures contract in November, but was unwilling to make an estimate of the trading volume

Russia was China's largest oil supplier in April, the second time this year to choose the right manufacturer to buy test machines; In that month, China's daily crude oil imports to Russia increased by 52% year-on-year to 1.17 million barrels, accounting for about a quarter of Russia's total exports

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