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Sick smart motor sensors escort HIWIN robot

robot manufacturer and linear technology expert HIWIN also makes the market of recycled plastic granulator more and more optimistic in its new 6. Sick intelligent servo feedback system is adopted in the shaft robot arm to meet the needs of picking and placing applications. This saves space and ensures that this 5kg robot is ready for future collaborative applications. The Danube eisingen team of sick and HIWIN Offenburg branch stand next to each other. This geographical advantage is exactly a guarantee for the successful cooperation between the two sides. Therefore, the implementation of sick solution has created a real win-win situation from the beginning

how to design a safe and reliable robot and make it able to cope with the unpredictable future requirements? It is this problem that makes HIWIN, the robot manufacturer, choose to trust sick intelligent servo feedback encoder. Felix Herrling, product manager from Offenburg branch, said: by choosing sick motor feedback system, we have obtained a space-saving, safe and reliable future robot application solution

the proven sick single cable technology ensures that the servo feedback system used is compact and compact, saving space. Ekm36 integrates hiperface-dsl interface, so it has all the well-known advantages: low wiring cost, continuous creation of histogram and long-term condition monitoring. All this can be achieved through two wires of the digital interface. At the same time, ekm36 adopts a mature and reliable 36mm configuration design in terms of machinery. Hiperface-dsl technology can combine this compact configuration with absolute positioning, with a resolution of 20 bits per lap and a maximum of 4096 laps

precise position forms the basis of automation

thanks to these advantages of ekm36, the 6-axis robot ra605 launched by HIWIN has extremely high measurement accuracy. Therefore, this articulated robot can not only be used for single handling of small pieces, but also suitable for automatic applications such as workpiece assembly, deburring and polishing in the assembly line. The built-in pneumatic and electric fixture interfaces maximize the reliability of the equipment, reduce interference sources and simplify the programmed movement process. In addition, the SiL2 certification of the encoder makes it easier for HIWIN to obtain licenses in the European and American markets, and benefits significantly

of course, for the Chinese market, these safety certifications are also an increasingly important factor. Therefore, through the successful cooperation between robot manufacturers and sensor manufacturers, we have created a sophisticated and versatile product suitable for the field of handling and picking up

cooperation into collaboration

cooperation is undoubtedly the key word of the future trend of robotics. In the future, intelligent factories will be dedicated to achieving real human-computer cooperation. People and machines work hand in hand and cooperate equally. Facing this future prospect, sick not only has long proposed the idea of motor feedback system, but also has been implemented by hiperface DSL with electronic universal testing machine for these small tonnage materials. Similarly, this application occupies an important basis, that is, we realize that ekm36 and hiperface DSL play a decisive role in the future. Due to the integration of functional safety technology, the national copper based new material processing engineering and Technology Center launched an experimental detection device this year, and the cooperative robot is now quite large-scale, Herrling said. He further explained that in the future, this device can meet all common functional safety requirements without replacing parts

from Danube eisingen to the world

through HIWIN (Germany) Offenburg branch, the Danube eisingen team is very happy to be able to directly provide on-site services to Asian customers. After all, mutually beneficial cooperation can be achieved without having to travel thousands of mountains and rivers in recent years. The successful implementation of motor feedback system jointly developed is undoubtedly the best example for sick to be close to customers

our customers from Offenburg obviously feel the same: the cooperation with sick is very smooth and effective. Felix Herrling praised in the conclusion that he believes that everyone in the Danube eichengen team is undoubtedly the founder of success: once we have questions, our special contacts will give the most satisfactory professional answers as soon as possible

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