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Sick Asia Application Center (ACA) was officially established

schke February 2009 - the Application Center (ACA) established by sick company in Asia was the first time to continuously improve the inspection and testing support service system. The application center covers an area of 1000 square meters, which will provide solutions for the system development of factory automation and logistics automation, and provide testing and Optimization for various applications under simulated real production conditions. ACA will also provide customers and employees with training in systems and applications in real environments

due to the strong growth trend of business development in Asia, sick decided to set up a new ACA in Singapore to provide detailed technical answers to Asian customers to meet their special application needs. (Note: the time difference service in the world's unowned time zone is the key to the sales activities of each branch of sick. 2) the physical meaning of quality wear is to supplement the change of sample quality before and after the wear test.)

Sick group established its first Asian subsidiary in Japan more than 20 years ago. At present, the branches and subsidiaries of sick have entered all important Asian markets. In fiscal year 2007, sick achieved a higher growth rate in the Asia Pacific region than in any other year

although the staff of sick in subsidiaries or branches will first contact our customers. However, in order to meet the special needs of customers, the staff of the application center still need to provide secondary support: they will answer technical questions in detail and provide scheme design to solve the special application needs of customers

the application center covers an area of 1000 square meters, simulating the customer's application environment, such as testing on the conveyor belt of the production line or in the application laboratory. And strictly test relevant applications to prepare for the rapid implementation of solutions, so as to ensure that automated applications and solutions can be effectively established. At present, the application of sick sensor technology has finally covered all fields of factory and logistics automation. For example, BYD, whose supply fell by 63.9% year-on-year, has taken the throne of the altar. We are in the field of advanced visual bar code reading system or visual image processing system

the six staff members of the application center will first deal with technical problems and customer needs, solve the adaptability of supporting software, respond to local needs, and prepare solutions for the correct application of products and systems. "Being close to our customers is an important factor for sick's success in the world. For this reason, we always follow this principle. Since our customers are in Asia, we should work closely with them to find the best automation solutions", explained Mr. Markus paschmann, a member of the Executive Board of sick in charge of factory automation

previously, sick's Application Center has successfully operated in the United States and Europe for many years, and has launched many successful and creative customer projects

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