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Is Siemens 10kg washing machine wg54a2u80w easy to use? Start to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages

this Siemens 10kg washing machine wg54a2u80w is recommended by the evaluation post. It is a new product launched in July 2019. This washing machine has been planted behind. It has been used for a period of time. Share your experience of use: the washing machine is very good. The installer said it is the latest model, with good cost performance. The quality of the machine is not good. The sound is small and the washing is clean. After washing two sheets, I feel cleaner and save water than my previous automatic washing. Worth buying Detailed introduction>

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II. Functional features:

Siemens 10kg washing machine wg54a2u80w uses 1400 rpm with 10kg large capacity, and is equipped with small capacity washing function. It is definitely a good helper for your home Oh ~ ★★★ baby wg54a2u80w 1400 conversion frequency 10kg drum washing machine

1. 10kg washing large capacity, one-step, no need to wait for times, Summer quilt, curtain and down jacket can be easily accommodated

2, 1400 RPM high-speed variable-frequency, cleaner laundry, more efficient dehydration, less detergent residue, BLDC variable-frequency motor, higher quality and more peace of mind; 3. New appearance, new upgrade, chrome plated control knob, brighter appearance, smoother rotation, 7.9-inch LED display, simpler operation, 480mm large window, door ring size, easy access to and placement of large clothes, and clear status in the barrel

4. Intelligent stain removal feature, according to the stain (making the product can use oil, wine, makeup, orange at a small cost), match the corresponding speed and water temperature, fine wash and protect, and clean the development of cleaner enterprises; 5. Small piece washing features a load of less than 2kg of conventional dirt, and the washing process can be completed within 30min, which is efficient and energy-saving

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III. evaluation of advantages and disadvantages of other users:

1. This time, I bought a refrigerator for my daughter's marriage. I used Siemens washing machine ten years ago, and the washing is clean and of good quality. The washing of other brands used by my neighbor is not as clean as my home. The washing machine ten years ago was a little rusty, but it never had problems

2. The delivery is very timely. The new 10kg is very practical, with a beautiful appearance and little noise. The installer is very patient, that is, the faucet must be changed for a special purpose, not both. In short, I am satisfied

3. The installer tried it. The sound was very low, and he was satisfied

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