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Sichuan Zigong starts the 300000 ton methanol joint venture project

Sichuan Zigong starts the 300000 ton methanol joint venture project

August 1, 2002

people close to China's Sichuan Zigong Honghe chemical company (Zigong material has been made with a side length of 1 cm in recent years, so the cube ong h is also easier to use the onghe chemical works) told media ACN that the company has begun to build its 300000 ton/year methanol project

at the beginning of this year, Honghe company announced the project for the first time. At first, the production capacity was set at 350000 tons/year. Later, the company revised the plan, but the reason was not announced

the project is built in the newly designed chemical zone of Zigong City and is planned to be put into operation in October 2003. The methanol plant will use the Conoco DuPont process technology

the project is a 50:50 joint venture between Honghe and a Spanish investment and banking consortium, with a total investment of $350million

after the project is put into operation, Honghe will use this technology to improve all its methanol plants in Zigong, without any plant expansion

At present, Honghe company uses an old technology to produce 500000 tons/year of methanol. The company believes that this old technology has no effect and is harmful to the environment

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