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Meet adult diapers and get rid of the embarrassing cancer that can't be held back

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core tip: near the new year, Beijing Niujie national nursing home began to prepare for the annual get-together as usual. The elderly love to be lively and want to sign up for this celebration. However, some old people are guilty of

as the new year approaches, Beijing Niujie national nursing home begins to prepare for the annual party as usual. The old people love to be lively and want to sign up for this celebration. However, some old people have made difficulties. The party is a collective activity, and the time is relatively long. Although many old people can move freely after getting old, many of them have the problem of urinary incontinence. Such activities have an unspeakable hardship for the old people who love face

Ms. Chen, who has just given birth to her baby, is a fashionable and hot mother, advocating a life of bringing children and loving beauty. But after childbirth, she encountered a problem she had never thought of: she would urinate her pants like a baby, and when jumping, "I couldn't hold it this time, I couldn't hold it when lifting things, and I couldn't hold it when sneezing, coughing, and even laughing.". She was embarrassed to find that the joking phrase "laughing and urinating" turned out to be real

although incontinence is rarely discussed in the "sunshine", it is an embarrassment faced by relatives and friends around us. As one of the nursing products to deal with incontinence, incontinence care products such as adult diapers can greatly improve the quality of life of incontinent people. However, the recognition of this product in China is still low, and there are many misunderstandings among consumers

what are the usage scenarios of adult diapers? How does this product protect people with mild incontinence? How to choose adult diapers? In order to let consumers understand adult diapers rationally and objectively and improve the quality of life of people in need, China pulp and Paper Research Institute Co., Ltd. and the household paper professional committee of China Paper Association held a "free travel, quality life - adult diapers you don't know" science popularization meeting on November 26, which will also make due contributions to the country's economic construction and social development! Broadcast the activity, and invite medical experts, nursing home workers' representatives and adult diapers brand representatives to jointly help consumers understand adult diapers in an all-round way

incontinence people, most of whom are silent

incontinence is a taboo topic for most people. When talking about incontinence, they often think of people who are ill in bed and can't take care of themselves. However, behind the traditional cognition, there is an unknown truth

according to Zhang Xiaopeng, deputy chief physician of Urology Department of Peking University People's Hospital, urinary incontinence mainly refers to a phenomenon of involuntary outflow of urine from the external orifice of the urethra. The main reason is that the pressure in the bladder is higher than the urethral resistance, resulting in the leakage of urine. Urinary incontinence can occur in people of any age, even in young people who are generally considered to be far away from incontinence. In fact, many people are facing incontinence

in the female population, the probability of urinary incontinence is 23%? Between 45%, the incidence rate of male urinary incontinence varies greatly among studies, which is 1%? 39%. Although many of them look the same, they have been troubled by the embarrassing problem of urinary leakage. Incontinence is not a unique problem for the elderly or severe groups

influenced by traditional ideas, people are often shy about incontinence, and a large number of incontinence groups choose to hide themselves. Because of these "difficulties", they have to stay away from the crowd and do not want to be concerned, which has seriously affected their daily social life and quality of life

Zhang Xiaopeng of Peking University People's Hospital pointed out that facing up to incontinence, actively seeking the help of doctors, clarifying the cause of urinary incontinence and actively treating the primary disease, and using some professional incontinence care products without the possibility of improvement or fear of the risks related to treatment can greatly improve the quality of life and maintain self-esteem

adult diapers are not exclusive to people with severe incontinence

in sharp contrast to the huge incontinence group, adult diapers, which can effectively improve the quality of life of incontinence people, lack awareness and acceptance in China

in recent years, the adult incontinence products market has gradually entered the rising channel. According to the statistical data from the household paper professional committee of China Paper Association, in 2019, the market scale of adult incontinence products in China continued to maintain a double-digit high-speed growth, and the compound annual growth rate of the market scale reached 15.5%, but it accounted for only 8% of the total market scale of absorbent sanitary products. Compared with 33% of adult incontinence products in Japan, there is still much room for development in China's adult incontinence products market

the huge gap between the popularity of adult diapers and the size of potential incontinence groups should be attributed to the fact that consumers have less awareness of this product. Many consumers still think this product is a special product for disabled people. However, in this popular science live broadcast, representatives of hospitals, nursing workers in nursing homes and production enterprises showed many unfamiliar usage scenes of adult diapers

at present, the largest user of adult diapers is still the people with severe incontinence. Due to the inconvenience of movement, they often have to stay in bed. When the nursing supplies in bed cannot be replaced in time, it is easy to produce bedsore, odor and other problems. Such as buckle adult diapers and other severe incontinence care products, the products have the characteristics of large absorption, good ventilation, convenient replacement and so on, which can greatly improve the strong discomfort caused by lying in bed to users, and also greatly reduce the work intensity of nursing staff

for the elderly who can move freely but have slight incontinence problems, women with postpartum urine leakage problems or men with prostate disease, such as underwear diapers, comfort towels or care towels and other minor incontinence products, they are light and invisible, easy to wear, so that users can get rid of incontinence problems and return to normal social circles

adult diapers can also alleviate embarrassment in some special scenes where it is inconvenient to go to the toilet. Xiaolingling, deputy director of Hanyang Hospital Affiliated to Wuhan University of science and technology, fought in the front line of anti epidemic during the outbreak of the epidemic at the beginning of this year. In order to reduce the consumption of anti epidemic materials brought by wearing and taking off protective clothing, and also to fight for a long time, she and her medical comrades put on adult diapers. After continuous use, she said that there was no particularly stuffy and peculiar smell, and there were no adverse reactions such as urinary system infection. Adult diapers have become an important guarantee for front-line medical staff to fight the epidemic

choose the right products and regain quality life

at present, there are many brands of adult diapers on the market. When choosing adult diapers, many consumers do not know how to choose products suitable for them

Zhang Xiaopeng of Peking University People's Hospital pointed out that it is important to understand the physical condition of users when choosing adult diapers. For people with severe incontinence, especially bedridden patients, products with strong absorption and side leakage prevention should be selected to prevent bedsore, and the appearance of the product is second. Adhesive diapers with adhesive ears on both sides are a better choice for nurses to replace. For active users, the product requires fast absorption and no side leakage. Because users can change the product by themselves and have the need to go out and socialize, it is recommended to choose underwear style pull-up pants or care towels and other mild incontinence products, which are light and convenient, which can shorten the replacement time and increase the replacement frequency

due to the use characteristics of adult diapers, attention should also be paid to the product absorption, material and whether it has skin care function. Zhao Yipeng, director of adult care category of Vida International Holdings Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of adult diapers, said that large brand adult diapers products have a solid guarantee in terms of raw materials and technology, and consumers can choose at ease. In order to be suitable for different groups, some adult incontinence products have also been carefully distinguished as open-loop control systems. For example, according to the physiological structure differences between men and women, products for men and women have been designed. The male product adopts the product form of inverted triangle, which conforms to the male physiological structure. Female products have different absorption and size designs for different urine volume, thermal insulation material tension testing machine is mainly used for metal, non-metal and other materials tension, contraction, twists and turns experiments and use scenarios (day/night). Consumers can choose according to their own needs

it is worth noting that due to the lack of awareness of minor incontinence products, some people with minor incontinence will use multi-layer folded toilet paper, towels, sanitary towels, etc. to alleviate the embarrassment of urine leakage. Because these products are not designed and produced for incontinence, when dealing with urinary leakage, the absorption and dryness of the products are not enough. The stimulation of urine on the skin often has an adverse effect on local skin, and the ammonia produced after urine evaporation will also bring a pungent smell. The slightly incontinent product has better absorption and certain odor neutralization function. Consumers must choose the appropriate product when buying

with the acceleration of aging in China, incontinence, a neglected problem, will have to be faced by more and more people. However, incontinence is not equal to "embarrassing cancer". Both severe incontinence people and mild incontinence people can recover their dignity by facing up to this problem and using incontinence products such as adult diapers correctly

change traditional concepts, correct cognitive biases, and make free travel and quality life within reach

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