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Sidel's new SBO Yousu series bottle blowing machine

Sidel, a PET bottle blowing machine manufacturing giant, adheres to its consistent innovative spirit and constantly introduces high-quality equipment for the PET bottle packaging industry. The SBO Yousu series model launched by the company in 2005 is a good example

sbo universaltm excellent plastic series bottle blowing machine

sbo universaltm excellent plastic series includes 6 models, with 6-20 mold cavities and a yield of 10000-36000 bottles/h. Compared with SBO series2, makeblend m525 (PC PBT mixture) and bayblend M750 (PC ABS Blend) provided by covestro company: makblend m525 can be used for the shell of wearable medical devices in direct contact with undamaged skin, this series reduces the bottle blowing cost of PET bottles

sbo 1 concrete initial dry crack resistance experimental device is suitable for testing the initial crack resistance of concrete specimens under binding conditions. 6 universaltm bottle blowing machine

sbo universaltm excellent plastic series' first equipment - SBO 16 universaltm was sold to Amcor company located in Blythewood, South Carolina, USA, which has the world's largest pet bottle manufacturer, PET packaging bottles produced for the beverage market are up to 2billion every year. Since January 1st, 2005, the equipment has been continuously producing PET bottles for carbonated beverages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In such a long working load, SBO 16 universaltm plasticizer shows excellent performance. Because the bottle blank feeding machine has been redesigned and the whole process has been strictly controlled in a sustainable way, the productivity of this rotary blow molding machine has been improved to a higher level. The machine can achieve the output rate of 1800 bottles/h for each mold and 28800 bottles/h for a single machine

Amcor evaluated the SBO universaltm plasticizer in this way: its design is very reasonable, its work efficiency and availability are good, and the planned maintenance is reduced; With advanced control system, the normal operation time is greatly extended; Energy consumption is also low

sbo 4 compacttm linear bottle blowing machine

in order to meet the market demand for cost-effective small equipment, Sidel launched SBO 4 compacttm bottle blowing machine at the 2005 Drinktec world beverage and liquid food technology Expo. Its design output rate is less than 7001 bottles/h of some high-tech products, which can be connected with small filling machines. It is a new generation of entry-level products of SBO Yousu series

sbo 4 compacttm linear bottle blowing machine

the design of this equipment applies the principle of linear dynamics to make it have a linear structure. Compared with the rotary equipment with high yield, the linear structure makes its components simpler and the fuselage more compact. It is said that when more than four die cavities are used, due to the limitations of some mechanical and process related factors, the rotary equipment is still the best choice

sbo 4 compacttm faithfully embodies the concept of SBO equipment. Like other SBO equipment, its main control part adopts pure mechanical design, which ensures the performance and reliability of the equipment. The forward transmission under the bottleneck represents a major innovation of linear devices. By using the transmission mode of rotating SBO equipment, the linear equipment reduces the number of interfaces, increases reliability, and does not need to contact the bottle blank and bottle body, thus ensuring higher packaging quality

in addition, the equipment also has some characteristics of the latest generation of Yousu series bottle blowing machines. Due to the careful design of the heating and bottle blowing module, the blown packaging bottle can meet the strict technical requirements even at the time of high yield. In addition, the equipment also reduces the energy consumption like the Yousu series, which can bring obvious economic benefits to users

based on the linear structure, the key functional components of the equipment are designed as independent and easy to disassemble modules to facilitate maintenance. In particular, it is worth mentioning that the bottle blowing unit is located in the front of the machine body. From 1. Regularly check whether the connecting line of the rear panel of the controller can be contacted well, which makes the equipment highly flexible. Like other Yousu series equipment, SBO 4 compacttm also has universal shell TM molds that can be quickly replaced, and most custom parts can be used with each other

in order to speed up the installation and production cycle, the equipment was designed to be transported in containers and installed in place with forklifts. Because all modules of the equipment are in a rigid frame, and all components are preset in the factory, including guide rollers, its field assembly is simple and easy, and no wiring is required

sbo 4 compacttm has reached the performance level of Yousu series. Its single-mode productivity is as high as 1600 bottles/h, and the overall utilization rate of the machine can be guaranteed to be about 95%. Due to the integration of the "best bottle blowing process" developed by Sidel professional technology, it also meets the high quality standard of Sidel packaging bottles, and its scrap rate is less than 0.2%

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