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Suzhou mobile and Huawei took the lead in completing the world's first 5g indoor positioning capability. Now it is verified

[China, Suzhou, March 30, 2021] recently, Suzhou mobile and Huawei conducted 5g indoor positioning capability verification in Suzhou metro, and achieved a positioning accuracy of 3-5 meters in 90% of the area within the subway platform and station hall with the hidden deployment of the base station prru. This is the first time that 5g indoor positioning function has been verified worldwide, which provides valuable experience for the commercial promotion of 5g positioning in various industries

a large number of industrial applications need indoor location services, such as indoor navigation, asset tracking, electronic fence, logistics management, personnel management, etc. industrial customers have strong demand for location services, and the market space is broad. However, there are many kinds of traditional indoor positioning technologies, most of which need to be deployed and maintained independently, and the end-to-end cost is high. With the continuous evolution of 5g, the 3GPP R16 version released in the middle of 2020 added the positioning function. Due to the fixed connection mode, it can realize the indoor positioning ability by using the ultra-high signal resolution from 5g broadband and indoor multi-point measurement and other characteristics, and cooperating with MEC

Suzhou mobile uses Huawei 5g lampsite+mec indoor positioning solution to verify in the subway scene for the first time. In this scheme, lampsite measures the wireless signal characteristic parameters of 5g terminal, and estimates the geographical location of the terminal through lampsite and mec

compared with other traditional indoor positioning technologies, the advantage of 5g indoor positioning technology deployed by operators is to build an improved method to solve the longitudinal stretching device of tensile testing machine that meets the 5g communication + positioning capability at the same time: ensure the processing quality network of hydraulic components of universal testing machine, realize one dual-purpose, and also open the positioning capability to upper applications through MEC, so as to promote the ecological prosperity of 5g industry. By using 5g positioning technology, industry customers no longer need to build a positioning system alone, reducing the investment cost of industry customers

with the wide application of 5g in the industry, operators can provide more high-value services in transportation hubs, industrial manufacturing, medical and other industries that need location services by virtue of 5 high-efficiency transmission systems and high-performance electromechanical g indoor positioning technology, so as to further expand the 5gtob industry space

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