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Introduction: bidding content: 1. Bidding project situation: 1. Construction location: Suzhou City 2. Bidding type: project construction quantity scale: 5916 square meters total investment: 22.7 million yuan 2. Bidding content: this bidding housing construction project includes management

II. Bidding content:

the bidding housing construction project includes two national standard toll stations of the management center and Suzhou mutual electronic universal testing machine. Including 4196 square meters of management center and 1720 square meters of toll station building

planned commencement time: planned completion time:

III. registration:

1. Registration start time:

morning working time: 08:30 to 11:00

afternoon working time: 14:00 to 16:30

2. The research on the place of registration also shows that: in the construction headquarters of Suzhou JIAHANG expressway, No. 12 East Street, Suzhou City

3. Registration conditions:

(1) enterprise qualification Credit: Grade II and above qualification of industrial and civil construction

(2) qualification of project leader: Grade II and above

(3) quality, performance and reputation: in the past three years, the enterprise and the project manager who plans to invest in the project have completed projects similar to the project, and no major quality safety accidents have occurred. The performance, reputation and financial status are good.

the speed regulation system is installed at the lower part of the workbench

(4) materials to be carried: unit business license Qualification certificate, letter of introduction, and ID card (the above must be accompanied by the original)

IV. The price of the pre qualification document is 500 yuan

the pre qualification is implemented for this project. The pre qualification document is purchased at the time of registration. The applicant that meets the requirements of bidding qualification and registration conditions can participate in the pre qualification after purchasing the pre qualification document, which will not be returned after sales

bidding supervision organization: Jiangsu Provincial bidding Management Office for transportation bidding, such as geogrids, pressure vessels and insulating rods


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