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Suzhou Fire detachment held a large-scale fire-fighting drill in hepukunshan company

Suzhou Fire detachment held a large-scale fire-fighting drill in hepukunshan company

September 6, 2012

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[China paint information] in order to effectively do a good job in fire-fighting and rescue work in petrochemical enterprises and effectively improve the rapid response ability and actual combat ability of the troops, on September 3, The Suzhou fire brigade held a joint fire-fighting drill for emergency rescue of large petrochemical units in Kunshan Hepu coating Co., Ltd., but an integral part of the company

the disaster scenario assumes that the xylene storage tank of Kunshan Hepu coating Co., Ltd. caught fire due to lightning strike, causing the xylene material in the tank to burn. The tank top has been in the stage of fierce combustion, and a flowing fire of about 50 square meters has formed on the ground. The fire quickly spread to the adjacent storage tank, and some people were trapped. The situation is very critical

after the "fire" occurs, the company immediately starts the emergency plan, and the company's Volunteer Fire Brigade quickly goes out to carry out self rescue and evacuate the trapped people, and at the same time, immediately reports to the 119 command center. The city's 11 command center, which was large in volume and quality, immediately launched the major petrochemical fire-fighting and rescue plan after receiving the alarm. The research team believed that the situation should be reported to the municipal Party committee and government quickly, and the district's Zhangpu full-time team and Qiandeng full-time team should be quickly mobilized to Cui Lixin's site for disposal, and then the special service fourth squadron and Jinxi full-time team should be mobilized to the accident site for reinforcement. After receiving the disaster report, the municipal government immediately mobilized the relevant departments of public security, safety supervision, medical treatment, environmental protection, water supply, power supply, meteorology and so on to the scene to assist in the disposal. After nearly 30 minutes of hard work, the trapped people were successfully evacuated and the fire was extinguished, and the drill was a complete success

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