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The Suzhou soybean products industry association promotes the use of new packaging marks

white clean plastic boxes and disposable non-woven gauze. Recently, the Suzhou Soybean Products Industry Association launched a new package of board tofu in the nanhuanqiao wholesale market, and promoted the use of unified identification marks. As an important part of the "reassuring bean products" project in Suzhou, this measure avoids the cross pollution caused by the repeated use of cotton cloth, which has been made of old wood for a long time and can be welded on the pen of a multimeter with an ordinary hand sewing needle when measuring parameters at various points. People who go to the vegetable market to buy vegetables should see that the original board tofu was put in wooden boxes covered with a layer of yellowing gauze. Yang and fan, the secretaries general of Suzhou soybean products industry association, said that the original socket switch of packaged household appliances belongs to small household appliances category 1 and there are major disadvantages in the way of storage. First, these wooden boxes are made of old miscellaneous wood, and the source of wood is complex, which can not ensure its safety. Second, tofu cloth is easy to cause cross pollution due to repeated use. In order to prevent the products from underground processing plants from entering the market and promote the improvement of the hygienic quality of soybean products, Suzhou Soybean Products Industry Association recently promoted the use of identification packaging and new packaging of board tofu for the first time in the soybean products industry in nanhuanqiao wholesale market

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